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Group works to change lives in Zambia – (MNN)
By: kottages4kids
In: Kids Alive International
Nov 10, 2014

Recently, Mission Network News-(MNN) published an online article by Lindsay Steele titled, “Group works to change lives in Zambia.” The article highlights the involvement of Kottages4Kids with Kids Alive International, who are collaboratively helping to change the lives of orphaned children in Zambia, Africa. Kottages4Kids is honored that such an established publication and its members are aware of our efforts and going the extra mile to echo our mission and God’s calling in our lives. Their article will help tremendously to raise awareness of Christ followers everywhere. We pray it will inspire Christians into action by helping meet the needs of the orphaned children in whatever way they can. We encourage our followers and supporters to read this article and share it with others who feel God’s calling in their lives. You can read the article at the following link:  Read Full Article, “Group works to change lives in Zambia”  –>


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