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Our Story - KOTTAGES4KIDS.org

In December 2013, eight of us started preparing to go to Zambia, Africa. Prior to leaving, we met with missionaries who lived in Zambia for 10 years. They reminded us of God’s call on our lives, that leaving our experiences in Africa suppressed what God could do through the trip and what He will continue to do through us when we returned.

Two weeks after this meeting, in June 2014, we arrived in Lusaka. We met Jim, the Director of Kids Alive, who took us to see their home and meet the many orphaned children that lived there. The home was small but sufficient and the children who have found love there – were a blessing! The landlord is building a new house, which is causing the rent to go up…beyond what Kids Alive Lusaka can afford. All other homes in the area are already rented or also too expensive. When their lease is up, they will all be homeless.

Next, we visited Mongu, where we saw an incredible Kids Alive compound. There are three homes which house a total of fifty-eight children (orphans) and a building that has a kitchen and classroom, and an awesome playground. It was during this visit that we found out how desperately Mongu needs a well tank and stand to ensure clean water for the kids. With funds Kids Alive already has, there is a need for $1,600.00 to provide the well. We were excited to think it was possible to raise the funds. We felt God telling us we can do it.

While in Lusaka, we built a playground to help start the development of a compound similar to Mongu. After praying for the playground and traveling back to the airport, God challenged us to do even more than the hard. He challenged us to do the impossible…raise $63,000.00 for a home in Lusaka for the children and the leaders. As we began to brainstorm ideas for how the funds could be raised, ”Kottages 4 Kids” was birthed. We know that with your help we can raise the money to make a difference half way around the world in Zambia, Africa.

During a conversation regarding the Call God has given us, we found out Kids Alive is in need of not one, but three homes. That means $190,600.00 is how much they need to take care of their immediate needs! So, the journey begins.

The children we met in Africa were some of the most pleasant children I have met in my life, they have a strong faith in God. One little boy, Moses, is an incredible baseball player, but baseball is a very small part of his story. Moses’ parents died, which left him an orphan because there are no government subsidized orphanages. Therefore, Moses was set to be buried alive with his mother so that no one would have to support him. Kids Alive found him, rescued him, and gave him a place to call home. There are fifty-seven other stories there – each one as special to God as Moses’. Kottages 4 Kids wants to ensure Moses and all his friends have a place to stay tonight, and every night to come. We are selling bracelets, t-shirts, and having sports tournaments in order to raise funds. We have been in contact with churches in Indiana and Kentucky to spread awareness of Kids Alive and to share our passion to provide a water tank, tower and three homes for Kids Alive Zambia. We want to continue to spread awareness. Please keep your eyes open for ways to support Kids Alive, including all the possibilities through Kottages 4 Kids. A silent auction is coming in the spring; which will also include a sit down dinner. The silent auction is just one event that will help our cause. Its time for us to do something, what will you do?